Which Learning Community?

I’m going to be studying data science through LSA this fall at umich. Does anyone have any advice as to which learning community I should join?

I’m considering MRADS, WISE, Lloyd, and LSA Honors but am open to others as well.


@layirp Have you looked at the Residential College? My daughter recently told me about it. She said it seems to fit her perfectly (linguistics major who loves learning languages, but who is also artistically inclined). She was invited to the Living Arts MLC but decided it wasn’t for her.

@layirp. You don’t have to join a residential that matches your major. You can do another interest also. But for data science I know the women in Wise would love to have you. Maybe do Facebooks on each and see what types of kids speak to you.

You have not told us what you are looking for. We can give you better advice if you tell us more about yourself and what you seek to gain from a Living Learning Community.

As an above commenter mentioned, you don’t need to join a residential college that pairs with your major. I am a CS major through LSA and am also in LSA Honors. As a student in LSA Honors, you get to register earlier than other LSA students during orientation. You also have access to Honors advisors and Honors classes.

Keep in mind that if you are accepted to the Learning Community, you will live in a building with other members of the Community. For example, LSA Honors lives in South quad, WISE lives in Mojo, etc.