Which Lit Course Should I Register For?

<p>I didn't want to necropost in the De Anza College thread. ;;</p>

<p>So I'm an English major, and I'm trying to decide which lit course to take for spring quarter. According to ASSIST, I have to take Intro to Fiction or Introduction to Dramatic Literature for Davis's prerequisites. Either course is okay for me, really, but I've never taken a lit course (Dramatic Lit) that is 50 minutes long, four days a week, so I'm wondering whether it'd be a better idea to take Fiction, which is ~1.67 hours long, twice a week.</p>

<p>How different is it to attend four days a week versus two days a week? I'm thinking it's almost entirely about study habits...and maybe atmosphere or something to that effect. I kind of like the idea of having my work stretched out (semi-forcefully, I guess) over the week as opposed to the lazy me trying to read everything in a day (transferitis...).</p>

<p>I've tried to find info on the instructors (Roberts and Walton-Hadlock), but the reviews seem kind of mixed. That, and I couldn't find any sample syllabi, so... I'd greatly appreciate it though if anyone has info on either instructor though. :)</p>

<p>I attend Intermediate Japanese five times a week, but a language class is probably different, hahaha.</p>