Which Macbook Pro Should I Purchase?

<p>Hi, I am planning to purchase a Macbook Pro for college. I am currently a senior in high school (graduating quite soon) and will be a college freshman in the fall.
For my college computer, I don't really have a budget (my parents gave me a limit of $2,000 but I don't really want to go near that (maximum) amount because i think that's quite some money for a laptop). I'll be using the comp for research, little-to-no photo and video editing, instant messaging, internet, typing documents, video chatting. </p>

<p>I was planning to get either:
a. Macbook Pro 13 inch 2.4 ghz
b. Macbook Pro 15 inch 2.4 ghz</p>

<p>If I were to get a. I would upgrade the hard drive to 320 gbs
If I were to get b. I wouldn't upgrade anything</p>

<p>a. has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor
b. has a Intel i5 processor</p>

<p>a. 13 inch screen size
b. 15 inch screen size
(I'm not too picky with the size, either would be okay, I think. Comments and suggestions with screen sizes would be great as well)</p>

<p>I'm not sure if the Core 2 Duo processor will be outdated in four years, as I plan to use this laptop for my four years(maybe more) in college. There is (around) a $555 price difference between the two laptops(including the Apple Store Education Discount but not including tax). </p>

<p>tl;dr Will an Intel Core 2 Duo processor be outdated in four years? will an Intel i5 processor be outdated? Which Macbook Pro should I purchase?
Suggestions? Comments?</p>

<p>and please no, "PURCHASE A WINDOWS COMP!! THEY ARE BETTER!!!" comments.</p>

<p>option b is much better. bigger screen (but not too big) and the core i5 is more advanced. its a little more expensive, but its worth it.</p>

<p>i recently ordered my 2.53ghz 15" macbook pro. im so excited for it to come in!</p>

<p>We just went with option A for our daughter. She put a premium on portability, and preferred the 13" size to the 15". For her, this is a slight step up in screen size from her much-beloved 12" iBook G4 (R.I.P.). A 13" with the Core i5 might have been the best possible choice, if such a machine were available.</p>

<p>You should play with both at an Apple Store to see which one will work better for you.</p>