Which major should I take?

I’m not sure what Major I want to pursue. Ever since Junior High I wanted to be a vet because I liked dissecting animals in science class, and I also love animals.
However, I am struggling in Chemistry and I am not sure if I can handle AP Biology.

I did a job survey on Naviance and the clusters it suggested were art, law/public safety, and government. Health was in there but it was further down the list.

I am also really good at Art, but I’m not sure if there are any good job options for me. People have said Graphics Design would be good. I am more of a person who draws portraits of people or still life objects rather than logos or abstract designs.

I enjoy my AP history classes that’s probably why people think I might do good at Law, but I haven’t been in related clubs like the Debate team. I am confident in talking to my friends about expressing my views on opinions and subjects.

I have to pick my classes for next year by this week and I am struggling to figure out which direction to go. (AP bio vs APUSH etc)

I look forward to any responses

Hi @Ryutan! Welcome to CC! I moved your post to this category to get a little more exposure to the folks with a lot of experience in specific college majors.

Personally I would suggest you to pursue the path that sounds most interesting to you. I don’t really know how much chemistry weighs for a vet career, but I think there isn’t too much chemistry in AP Bio. If you have always been passionate about being a vet, go for it.

I can’t really tell whether you are genuinely interested in careers in law and design (it sounds like it’s just that others want you to do it); if you aren’t interested, don’t feel compelled to do it. Also, what grade are you in? If you are still a freshman I would suggest explore whatever classes you want. In high school, I think it’s good to experience a variety of activities regardless of your major or career choice.

Law plus dissecting things? Forensics? Digital media or something with art? Marketing?

If you like history then yes, take APUSH.

What year are you in?
What classes are your currently taking and what grades are you getting overall?