which major should i?

<p>i just recently finished my undergrad here in the US, majoring telecom (information and com tech) with a cognate in business. i'm an international student that being said, i received many phone interview, but mostly got turned down because of the visa status. i'm thinking to go to grad school. i've heard alot from the past that computer science gives you a higher chance to get a job. if i want to study cs (or software engineering which is inside the cs department as well), i first have to take post-bac to fulfill the prerequisite courses. should i do this and apply for lower reputation school (i know i wont do good if i go to a prestigious school) because it's still a computer science or major in information system, whether its under business program or it/tech department thats a decent school? (what would you do as in my situation? as well as thinking this from the company's perspective).</p>