Which major will give me the best chances of admissions to Emory University?

I am an International student from Korea and I was wondering what major will give me the best chance at been admitted to Emory University. Anything is the natural science or behavioral science would work for me. Thank you guys so much for helping me out!

Emory doesn’t admit by major.

Thanks for your response. But on the CommonAPP it asks what major we would like to do in college. Does the major we selected on there not gonna have an impact on our admissions decisions?

No impact on admissions decisions.

Thanks for your help!

Being a Emory graduate and a counselor, I can suggest that economics gives you the best chance to get admission. Biological sciences is one of the most toughest one to get into in emory regards to their strong work and faculty, you need to have high grades and a clear knack towards bio to get selected.

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Emory says that they do not admit by major, and that majors do not have to be declared until the 2nd semester of the 2nd year.

It is of course true that you need high grades to be admitted to Emory (no matter what subject), and also true that Biological Sciences is a strong department. It also is intuitively sensible that if you say you want to major in Biological Sciences, then having relevant things in your application (eg AP Bio or an internship in a lab) could help make the application more compelling- but that is not the same thing as having to show “a clear knack” to get “selected”.

BUT: @admitit, if you are employed as an admissions counselor at Emory, then your first hand information outweighs everything else.

As an Emory admissions counselor, do you have any insight on the transfer admissions process?