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<p>Hey, Future Aggie of 2015 here</p>

<p>I just have a quick question. What is better to major in, biological sciences with an emphasis in evolution, ecology and biodiversity, or majoring in evolution ecology and biodiversity. I want to study biology but I do not know what particular field yet. I am interested in studying animals but not being a vet. I was also thinking of being a paleontologist and double majoring or minoring in geology. I am conflicted, which one should I choose, because I want to be broad when studying at davis because I still dont know what to be yet.</p>

<p>It's honestly not that important for you to really decide your major before actually stepping foot into a classroom. If you want to study biology, Intro to Biology (BIS2 series) taken by all biological sciences and animal science majors is broad enough that you will be exposed to all fields of biology. A quick breakdown: BIS2A will deal with molecular biology, BIS2B will deal with evolution, BIS2C will deal with ecology. You won't even have to declare a major until after your 2nd year.</p>

<p>My advice is to come to into Davis and take the classes so you're on course to being a biological science major (if you're really insistent on a major, biological science of undeclared life science would be a good a choice at that time). This will enable you to take the standard course for all the majors in the College of BioSci. In the meantime, start taking some courses in animal science/ecology and evolution/geology. A good rule of thumb/advice is to take courses numbered 10 (ex. GEL10). These courses are designed to introduce you to the subjects. This would help you get a good idea of what the major entails and whether you would like them or not. </p>

<p>If you like animals, you should seriously consider the animal science or animal biology major. It allows you to take some pretty awesome labs where you get to actually do things with animals. Majoring in it would not necessarily mean you have to become a vet. A lot of people majoring in it end up going into animal husbandry, animal research, or specialists at the zoo. If you really love animals and can see yourself caring for their well-being in the future, this major would be really rewarding and fun for you.</p>

<p>person above me answered it really well
basically you have a TON of time to decide everything. just worry about what classes you're going to take rather than what major you're going to be, and it should all fall into place.</p>