Which Major?

<p>I have a question. As of right now, I want to become a pharmacist. I know that UNC has a great pharmacy program. However, on top of that, I want to own my own business one day, maybe a pharmacy store. I was wondering if there was any major that combine the both, or should I double major, or a double and a minor. Please tell me. I am a first generation student, and I have never learned the fancy names for these topics.</p>

<p>So, to be a pharmacist you will want the professional degree of PharmD, which can only be started after about two years of pre-reqs. The first question to answer is really whether you want to get a bachelor's degree first or if you want to start the PharmD as soon as possible. </p>

<p>In the former case, you might want to put together a curriculum that has all the pre-reqs</a> for a PharmD and then sprinkle in the business/econ/marketing/etc classes as much as possible while satisfying the various undergraduate requirements. Note that the math and science pre-reqs are pretty heavy (as you might expect for the field!) You can major in anything but some degrees are going to match up with the pre-req list much more easily. Chemistry, for example, being probably the closest.</p>

<p>In the latter case - where you take the pre-reqs only to get to the PharmD as soon as possible, you'll want to take part in continuing</a> education classes as your career progresses. Oftentimes, the professional societies will have seminars and conferences on the business aspects of the profession, and you can also take business-oriented classes after graduation - probably while working as a pharmacist somewhere - to prepare yourself for hanging your own shingle.</p>