Which majors at VNova are considered the easiest/hardest?

<p>I got into the BS/MD program under mechanical engineering. Because the program has a 3.5 GPA requirement and Nova engineering is said to be rigorous, I'm considering switching majors. The program only allocates 3 years (no summers) for the UG portion, which also makes Engineering a tough major for me because of its high course load. </p>

<p>The BS/MD program waives some degree requirements, but I couldn't find the specific classes it gives credit for or the required pre-med courses. I will have taken 11 AP exams by the time I enroll, so AP credit in Chem, Econ, Env Sci, Psych, APUSH, Bio, Eng, Gopo, Phys B, and Calc AB is likely.</p>

<p>I just wanted to find out which majors are seen as the easiest or toughest to get that needed 3.5 GPA. I'm considering doing: Classical Studies, English, Poli Sci, Philosophy, Finance, Management, or Economics (I think I would enjoy Econ the most, I really like AP this year.).</p>

<p>I found a generic list of pre-med classes here:
Villanova</a> University: Medical School</p>

<p>Here are my AP credits and needed courses:
6 APUSH: His 2000/2001
8 Biology: Bio 2105/2106 (Gen Bio w/ lab 2 semesters)
8 Calc: Mat 1500/1505
10 Chem: Chm 1103/1104 1151/1152 (Gen Chem w/ lab 2 semesters)
6 Econ: Econ 1001/1002
3 Eng: Eng 1050
4 Env Sci: Bio 1555
3 Psych: Psy 1000</p>

CHM 2211/2201, 2212/2202 (Orgo Chem w/ lab 2 semesters)
PHY 1100/1101, 1102/1103 or 2410/2411 and 2412/2413 or 2414/2415 (Physics w/ lab 2 semesters)
(English 2 semesters)</p>