Which Math SAT II to take?

<p>I'm a little confused as to which level math SAT II I should take. I am currently a junior finishing up pre-calc. I scored a decent 700 on the old SATs, but I feel that if I actually tried to study it I could have performed far better. Any information provided about either would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Take IIC, the curve is better, even if the material is a little harder, so there is more leeway for getting questions wrong. I took precalc junior year and took the Math IIC with minimal preparation (looked through the prep book a day or two before exam) and scored 800 so you should be fine.</p>

<p>Take Level 2 and make sure you have and know how to use a TI-89.</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore in precalc.... Should I take the exam (IIC) this year or wait? I'm afraid that if I take it next year I'll have forgotten things; then if I take it this year I'll have to be very clever and figure out how to add another subject test. And it's a bit zealous.</p>

<p>Take IIC just after precal if you can.</p>