Which math/science classes are best to take in high school?

<p>For my senior year, I either want to take these math and science classes: AP Stats, Pre-calc, College physics, and AP Chem. The problem is, I can't fit this all into my schedule along with all my other classes. Which math and science should I take? Also, out of the four, which three would be the best/look the best on an application?</p>

<p>No calculus? “College” physics without calculus? Seems somewhat dicey.</p>

<p>Take pre calculus. It is harder than Stats. I took pre calc in my senior year and performed terribly, but when I got to college level mathematics it was crazy easy!!! I had an A secured before i even got to the final! So take pre calculus now and make sure you at least take calculus I in college. DO NOT SKIP MATH IN YOUR LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL AND DO NOT SKIP MATH IN YOUR FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE</p>

<p>I highly recommend taking AP Calculus BC. It not only looks really good, but also gets you a ton of college credit.</p>

<p>If he hasn’t taken precalc yet, there’s no point in taking AP Calculus BC. Aside from the fact that he probably won’t even be allowed to skip a year of math, there’s no way he’ll do well in the course having done so. An A in honors precalc looks far better than a C- in AP Calc BC.</p>

<p>I’d recommend dropping physics. AP Stats is useful, looks good on your resume, and it’s fairly easy as far as APs go. AP Chem is one of the harder APs and thus also looks impressive to college. Precalc is virtually a prerequisite for being accepted to Dartmouth - if you haven’t taken it by the time you graduate from high school, you aren’t typically considered ready for Ivy-level math.</p>

<p>I agree with Emanick: You should definitely take precalc. AP Chem and AP Stats seem more worthwhile than a vaguely-defined “college physics” course that only requires fairly low level math. (Does this mean that you have already taken physics at your HS, btw? Ideally, of course, you would be on track to finish the full sequence of sciences–bio, chem, physics–at the highest level available plus calculus by the end of senior year.)</p>

<p>Pre-Calc is a must and should be your math class. You could even self-study Stats if you really want to do it. College Physics usually involves a lot of calculus at the AP level. Therefore, you should probably stick with AP Chem.</p>