Which might be better or what to do.

<p>For years now, I've been trying to decide on what I want to do with my life and of course, I know school will be my biggest help. I'm highly interested in language (Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Hawaiian) am a natural artist (illustration) and I have a big interest in media and entertainment. Currently, I'm waiting for summer to sign up for online GE classes at a community college and I've been a C average (2.8gpa) student since Jr high because I never cared about what I was learning, except art in high school then Japanese in college. I briefly attended the Art Institute but for video production then animation and left because I wasn't sure of what I wanted and it was too expensive (now I have a $10,000 Stafford debt). I've been going in and out of cc for a few years because I just don't really know what I want. The thing that worries me most is that the majors I would be interested in don't seem to have good career outlooks compared to the maths and sciences. I dislike math but I think it's because I don't understand it and it bores me to death. I actually get really sleepy when I do math homework. Anyway, despite this, I should be studying that which holds interest for me rather than thinking about money. Also, I'm not very competitive and I'm a rather laid back person and DO NOT want to enter a large school. I think liberal arts colleges would better suit me.</p>

<p>So, with that said, I can't decide which is better: A foreign language degree with a communications minor or vice versa? I'd also be a non-traditional student when I transfer to a uni/college as I'll be 27 by then.</p>