Which Non-Brown Ivy's would I have a shot at?

<p>Gender/Ethnicity: Male Asian
School: Public in Ohio
Current G.P.A.: weighted- 4.53 non-weighted- 3.85
Current Rank: 12/650
ACT: 35</p>

<p>Band 3 Years
Track 3 Years
Math Club 3 Years
Key Club 3 Years
NHS 1 Year
Volunteering at Local Hospital 150+ Hours
Cancer Research at MetroHealth 30+ Hours
Shadowed Radiologist and Optometrist</p>

<p>Goal: Get into a BA/MD school or an inflated GPA Ivy for pre-med</p>

<p>Wilkes ba/md with drexel med</p>


If that’s your goal, I’m curious why you’re not considering Brown, which has the highest average GPA of the Ivies (though it’s not formally calculated). I assume that there was something that you absolutely couldn’t stand?</p>

<p>Grades are pretty good so I’d say maybe Cornell.</p>

<p>Cornell is one of the more difficult Ivies, so it probably won’t fit OP’s “easy A” request.</p>