Which of the 6 colleges is good for psychology majors?

<p>:) I'm interested in Psychology and I need some insight on which of the 6 would be good for me. ;) I've already started the UC application.</p>


<p>it doesnt really matter.</p>

<p>do you want easy or hard GE's?</p>

<p>i would pick warren, muir or revelle</p>

<p>I was thinking Muir. How are the GE's for that?</p>

<p>have you visited the muir college homepage? the requirements are spelled out pretty well ...</p>

<p>muir's good. it's probably known best for the easiest ge's</p>

<p>;) Ah, thanks. I just checked. Lawl.</p>

<p>Muir's awesome. Little Ge=More freedom in choosing the classes you want to take.</p>

<p>I'm gonna throw out Marshall as a suggestion (I'm a Psych major in Marshall).</p>

<p>It's one of the easier colleges for GEs if that's something you're looking for...the only thing that sucks for me is that we've still got to do some science courses.</p>

<p>If another college is your first choice, I'd suggest putting Marshall somewhere in the top 3 or 4 and probably revelle as the last choice just because there's a lot of GEs and there's a bunch of math and science and stuff.</p>

<p>If you're a transfer that is completing IGETC, keep in mind that not all the colleges accept IGETC as having completed all your GEs while some do.</p>

<p>I am also a psych major in Marshall, so if you get stuck here instead of at Muir, don't sweat it. :) It's only my second year, first quarter, and I'm almost done with GE's. Heck, I won't know what to do with myself during spring quarter... not enough units to start taking upper-division psychology classes, and lots of elective spaces... maybe I'll learn a language, or take some classes that are of true interest to me, who knows? But the bottom-line is that no one college is best for the psychology major, any student from all six colleges can take any psychology course.</p>