Which of these college would be better?

I am transferring soon and have some colleges in mind. I will be majoring in Computer Engineering. I am thinking of UTSA, A&M, UT (hopefully I get in), Baylor University,University of North Dakota, University of Arizona, & ASU. I am still applying to about 10 more colleges but those are the main ones I think I have a decent shot at. Do any of you go to/went to any of these university? If so, what are the pros and cons? Reputation (especially in engineering)? Jo opportunities? If you didn’t go to these then let me know what y’all think would be a good fit for me & my major because I really want to have a secure job opportunity in the future.

Where are you transferring from?

Why are you transferring?

How did you come up with this list?

Can you afford all ot these?

I’d definitely rely on scholarships. I can afford all the in state schools (A&M, Baylor, UT, UTSA, etc…) The others would be in-state tuition and I would be working full time while taking classes. I will be transferring from a CC and I am transferring because I need my bachelor’s of course.


Working full time while being a full time student is very tough and could have an impact on your grades. Depending upon where you go and how hard working you are, just being a full time student can be a lot of work.

@DadTwoGirls I’ve done it before and got A’s granted they were non stem classes. I work work part-time during fall and spring but full time in the summer. That is what I have been doing so far. Some of my schools told me I could do my engineering with them online so I would pay in state tuition and be able to stay here while working. The others in Texas I would stay where I am and commute to. I won’t live on campus. I am a Computer Engineering major so I know the hard life of studies haha. Full time kicks my butt badly but I have to work I am fascinated by there various schools and wonder where I would “fit in” granted I wouldn’t be as social.

I lived in Grand Forks for two years, and worked on the UND campus. Both UND and GF have a lot going for them, and parts of nearby ND and MN are lovely. Whether that would be a good choice for you as a single person used to weather in TX is a whole different thing. The winters are brutal. As the natives say, it keeps out the riff-raff. When we lived there, every employer in town seemed to constantly be hiring. I don’t know if that is true now, so you definitely should verify the situation. It might be possible for you to find living-wage work, and it might not. Given that you currently are able to support yourself in TX and could commute to good universities there, my advice would be to stay in TX until you finish your bachelor degree.

I also am concerned that you write that you would “rely on scholarships”. That is not a plan for paying for your education unless you already have been awarded some big scholarship that you can take with you wherever you study. Do you know for dead certain that you qualify for and will be awarded a scholarship at any of these places?

@singlemomof1 though I’m from Texas I love cold weather. I hate these dang Texas summer. The heat is horrible! I’ve walked up a mountain in Montreal when it was -17 degrees so I’m sure I can handle ND lol. How are the people there? Is there any southern hospitality? I know for a fact that some of these schools I do qualify for some scholarships. Full ride would depend on financial aid but I know I qualify already for some because of my GPA. Even if I do not get a whole lot I will be working. I refuse to pay loans. I know in Texas I could pay it off easier since it’s cheaper because on in-state. I would love to go to UT since it’s local for me. All the other TX schools Are like 1-2 hours away so I’ll definitely be commuting twice a week since I have no plan of moving. I ND would be online for me so really I’d be in Texas unless I chose to go to their on campus. I’m not sure if I would live in ND after school but if I like it I’m open to it. I will defiantly look at how the financial situation is there. I’ve always been interested in visiting there.

What are you going to do if one class only meets on M,W&F and another meets T&Th? Commuting from Austin to College Station daily wouldn’t work. Just to walk from where you have to park to your first class could take 20 minutes.

@Eeyore123 I’ve never taken classes more than 2 days a week before. If that truly is the case then worse case I’ll move if it’s college station. UTSA & Baylor I could for sure commute to. Yeah that’s true and I heard parking in college sucks.

Clearly, you know which of the colleges would be better and best. At this point in time, it’s a matter of what schools accept you. You seem to be in s good place right where you are, so you would likely get your degree smoothly, commuting to the nearest schools. Also the least expensive way to go.

@TotallyClassy - No southern hospitality in the frozen far north midwest, but plenty of midwest nice. :slight_smile: Don’t underestimate the cold in Grand Forks. In January -17F would be a relatively warm day. But since you would be taking your coursework online from TX, that wouldn’t be much of a problem for you. Delta and Allegiant fly into Grand Forks. The airport has only two gates, and in good weather is about 20 minutes from campus. Popping up there occasionally to speak with your professors in person (assuming that they are not located as far from campus as the online students) would be do-able.