Which of these colleges is flexible?

<p>Hey!! I have a small problem and was wondering if you guys could help me out. I like both engineering and economics and the thing is that I am not sure which intended major I should state in my application essays. On top of that some colleges want a specific essay on your intended major also (like Cornell). Thirdly I am not sure which one I will opt for in college and I might have to change. Can you please tell me which one of the colleges below are flexible enough to allow you to change your major from eco to eng or vice versa in first year??? I don't want to double major I think. I know Cornell asks you to apply to one of its specific colleges in the application essay and then you have to write an essay on it as well. So you can see the problem...</p>

<li>U Penn</li>
<li>Princeton (I think its flexible??)</li>
<li>Johns Hopkins</li>
<li>Washington University</li>

<p>Thanks in advance...</p>

<p>You need to read the graduation requirements for each major very carefully. Often Engineering programs have a strict sequence of courses that are extremely difficult to begin even a semester late. Economics usually has a more flexible course sequence, which would make it easier to transfer into. In universities where Engineering is in a separate college from Economics, the Engineering college almost always has the highest admissions standards. Hence, the usual advice would be for you to apply for admission in Engineering, and to use courses required for the Economics major as your electives. After a year or so, you will know whether you want to stay in Engineering, or transfer into another department.</p>

<p>Is Rutgers your in-state public U safety? If not, find one.</p>