Which of these colleges is good for computer sciences/engineering?

<p>I am going on a college tour with my school and am selecting the different schools that I would like to visit. Below is a list of schools which we are visiting, and that I have to choose between. Every hyphen is different day, and I can visit one a day. Please help me pick the best computer schools out of the bunch.</p>

<p>-Georgetown Univ. or American Univ.
-George Washington Univ. or Univ. of Maryland
-Johns Hopkins or Goucher College or Loyola Univ. Maryland
-Univ. of Pennsylvania or Drexel or Villanova
-Princeton or Rider Univ.
-New York Univ. or Columbia Univ. or Barnard College or Fordham Univ.
-Yale or Fairfield Univ.
-Harvard or Boston Univ. or Northeastern Univ.
-MIT or Boston College or Emerson College (other than MIT which would be a good pick)
-Tufts Univ. or Wellesley College or Babson College or Olin College of Engineering</p>

<p>Thank you for the help :)</p>

-Johns Hopkins
-MIT, then BC

<p>And the reality is that very often the better school has the better CS program, period. Sure, you don't think of Harvard as a CS powerhouse, but in reality they're still extremely good.</p>

<p>what would be your second choice to visit if not Harvard?
Also if you had to choose a college for business then What would your selections be?</p>

<p>Probably Northeastern.</p>

<p>As far as business goes, I have no idea. I'm interested in CS, so I familiarized myself with the programs of a number of schools.</p>