Which of these colleges seems reasonable?

<p>My freshman and sophmore year were absolutely HORRENDOUS. My freshman year I had a GPA of 2.0, and sophmore year I had a gpa of 2.5. My junior year I had a GPA of 3.0. and my senior year, I am taking many honors classes and my first quarter GPA should be around a 4.4</p>

<p>The reason my averages are all over the place is partly due to the fact that my freshman and sophmore years I had to dedicate a lot of my time to my sick mother. The end of my sophmore year, she passed away. Regrettably so, my Junior and senior year have given me more opportunities to focus on myself. A lot of this is mentioned in my Counselor reccomendations and my own college essay -- The way I went from a 2 flat to now excelling in many honors classes. Now, what I'm left with, is the colleges I would like to go to. I know some of the colleges aren't going to acknowledge the side details a lot, but I really need an opinion on what everyone else thinks. My Freshman through Junior GPA I'm pretty sure stands at a 2.5? I could be wrong. I'm also applying to all of these in December, so quarter 1 will appear on my transcript.</p>

<p>University of Miami
Penn State University
Temple University
University of Alabama
University of Arizona
University of Colorado - Boulder</p>

<p>I know University of Miami, PSU, and even Temple are a bit of a stretch for me. But do you think I stand a chance? Especially with a good essay? Thanks, everyone!</p>

<p>Can you afford your OOS public Us? What are your scores?</p>

<p>on SATs, I got a 1750. I don't know what an OOS is though, could you please explain?</p>

<p>"OOS" is out of state, referring to the increased tuition for OOS applicants applying to public universities.</p>

<p>What is your state of residence?</p>

<p>I live in Philadelphia. OOS tuition isn't a problem. I'm more focused on getting in haha</p>

<p>I am not sure about the other schools but I think you will have no prob at Temple.</p>

<p>the big schools tend to look more at numbers and scores because they get so any applications. What about a smaller school where you can even have an interview so they can get to know you a little better? I like Penn state best from your list, though. Good luck! You alwatys have a chance and you had such great improvement .</p>