Which of these is more important to improve?

<p>Well, I have an 800 on my Math II Subject Test, 770 on my Math SAT section, and a 750 on my Writing SAT section.</p>

<p>But I only have a 720 on my Physics Subject Test and a 620 on my CR SAT section...</p>

<p>If I choose to go for early action/decision, I can only spring to do one of the tests...</p>

<p>Which one is most important to do if I want to get into MIT, Caltech, Rice, Carnegie Mellon, or Stanford. Or should I improve both and apply regular?</p>

<p>I would say the 620 CR score. The 720 on Physics is not great, but decent. However, your CR score is more important that subject test scores and 620 is probably too low to be competitive at these schools.</p>

<p>^Agreed. 10char</p>

<p>Clearly CR.</p>