Which of these is most impressive in YOUR eyes? 800 math, 800 cr, or 800 writing

<p>i think 800 writing is most impressive cause it is rarer than either 800 on math or cr.</p>

<p>personally, i believe 800 CR is the most impressive because it is my worst section</p>


<p>800 CR rarest score that I've ever seen.</p>

<p>800W is rarest, so it's the most impressive.</p>

<p>^Are you kidding me? You have to be kidding me right?</p>

<p>It is the rarest. Only 5000 kids score it, whereas math has 9500 kids and CR has about 7500 kids.</p>

<p>I got a 800 W. I was kinda surprised but then I got a 5 on my AP English Lit...and I consider myself a science/math guy. Go figure.</p>

<p>800 CR</p>

<p>...i have it (somewhat biased), but I really don't see it as much as I see 800 M or WR. I think it's because people are either readers, or not. Math can more easily be taught and improved</p>

<p>Pshhh guys, Writing is entirely subjective. </p>

<p><em>is bitter</em></p>

<p>Writing is hard to get an 800 mostly because the essay adds a lot of randomness
to the scoring. For an example, an 11 essay means one 5 and one 6. The same essay
could have scored 6/6 or 5/5 depending on the graders.</p>

<p>Most impressive? IMO it's CR, because WR is easy to prep for by learning a bunch of tricks.</p>

<p>CR wins it by a mile.
the passages are killer.</p>

<p>No one's going to say 800 Math obviously...because everyone who can score >80 on the AMC 12 can get an 800 in Math, which is a lot of people.</p>

<p>CR, but none of them are really that impressive.</p>

<p>I'm going to say 800 math, because that's my weakest area. I seriously did not know the CR was that difficult some people; it's totally opposite for me.</p>

<p>my d got a 800 in CR, and it's because she reads fantasy fiction all the time. Hours daily. Since first grade. No one reads much anymore--too many other distractions--and so that's why an 800 in CR is so unusual. A shame, really.</p>

<p>I think I'd have to say 800 writing, because you are produciing something. Although my hat's off to anyone who can get 800 math. Maybe you can teach 'trick's to score that well, but I have my doubts about that. I think some people are just fantastic logical thinkers.</p>

<p>the trick to a 800 on M is to finish quickly, leaving time to check, recheck, and triple check you answers.
simple as that.</p>

<p>CR is the reason I can't break a 2200 :[...
my right brain doesn't work for some reason lol</p>

<p>800 CR ..no doubt</p>

<p>800 CR</p>

<p>Most concerned about this for my PSAT and SAT D: Can never seem to get past the 650-700 range .. no matter how hard I try .. <em>cries</em></p>

<p>cr is def the hardest and most impressive</p>

<p>I think it depends on what the school is looking for. For sure either the CR or W. Not the Math.</p>