Which of these schools are good at...

<p>was wondering which of these schools excel in communications, journalism, or marketing:</p>

<p>CSU San Diego
CSU Long Beach
CSU San Jose
CSU San Francisco
CSU Fullerton
UC Riverside
UC Irvine</p>

<p>you guys think any of these colleges would accept someone w/ a 2.88 gpa and a 1220 SATI score? i'm taking the satiis nov 6(scared of it)</p>

<p>i've got a lota other EC's...tell me if it makes a difference if i list em or not.</p>


<p>no one wants to help a brotha out? :(</p>

<p>im guessing here, but i think UC Irvine is probably the best, then UC Riverside.</p>