Which of these schools give merit scholarships?

<p>I recently got something in the mail from USC telling me that I did not get a scholarship that I didn't even know I applied for. Which of these schools gives merit scholarships?</p>

NYU <em>affiliated NYU Poly offered 20k a year</em>
Notre Dame
Boston College
Boston University *didn't apply for honors

<p>If so, are there any that I'd be competitive for?</p>

<p>32/591 3.96 GPA
2180 SAT (1430)
33 ACT SS (32 single sitting)
800 math2, 700 physics, 670 chem
decent ec's etc.</p>

<p>You need to check the websites of each of these places. If the information isn't right on the main page for the financial aid information, you should just use the search function to look for merit scholarships.</p>

<p>As for getting a letter that states that you didn't get a scholarship that you didn't apply for, many colleges and universities automatically consider applicants for certain scholarships and there are no separate applications for those scholarships.</p>

<p>Rochester does. My friend's son received merit scholarship even though he didn't apply for FA</p>

<p>Rice and Vandy do, but I don't think your test scores are high enough.</p>

<p>Boston U does.</p>