Which of these schools would take me??

<p>I'm a current eighth grader at a performing arts charter school in Massachusetts. I'm thinking about boarding school for my high school experience. The schools I am interested in are; Taft, Hotchkiss, NMH, Choate, and Andover. I have a legacy at both Hotchkiss and NMH.
I just wanted to know what YOU thought my chances were at these competitive schools.
I've been playing the flute for four years and was in the pit-band for the school musical last year. I also got into the SYS (Springfield Youth Symphony) which is pretty competitive.
I do well in my classes. My school's grading system is a little weird and the grades you can get are 'M' (missing) '1' (beginning) '2' (developing) '3' (accomplished) and '4' (exemplary). I get all 4's in Humanities and mostly 3's in Science and Math. I'll get good teacher recommendations because my teachers really like me (I think).
I don't play any sports. It isn't required at my school.
I was in the 7/8th grade play last year, and I'm in Children's Theater this year.
I was in GSA last year and elected as 8th grade rep for this year!!
I did African Dance last year, as well.
I am in level 2 Spanish and I also TA level 1 Spanish.
I did a songwriting course with elementary students from Harlem and that was a great experience.
So that's basically it. Please be honest. Where would I fit in? What are my advantages to different schools? What schools would take me? Do I have a chance with any?

<p>You have a chance with every school, everyone does.
Being a legacy really helps, but not doing a sport could potentially harm your chances.</p>

<p>OMG you have a legacy at NMH?!?! I love that school and was thinking of applying but it seems to hard....I would def. pursue that one though. Also, Taft doesn't seem to emphasize or critique based on sports (participation) so that could help as well. Good luck!:)</p>