Which of these schools would you pick?

I got admitted to Berkeley, UCLA, UT Austin, Houston, NYU. It’s in the field of law, and even though I don’t want to share on here what I will study exactly I can tell you that I’m not planning to end up in corporate or criminal law.

  • Which place would you pick and why pick that place over the others?
  • Would your choice change if you received scholarships for some of these but not others?
  • Would your answer change if you added Columbia and Georgetown to the list?
  • How would you go about making a decision?

Law school ranking is a big deal in many types of law employment. You may want to ask practicing lawyers in the law areas of your interest how it matters.

Here are some law school rankings:

Of course, net price matters. But also be aware of some law schools having difficult scholarship renewal criteria, so that you might lose the scholarship after just one year.

When u say “it’s in the field of law”, do u mean you’ve been admitted to the Law Schools? Or are u talking about undergrad school w a desire to purue a law degree later?

NYU because of location, ranking and opportunities there if you decide to change your goals. Honestly though all of your schools look fab and you can’t seem to go wrong with any of them

Your post is unclear. Is this about law schools, or undergraduate programs where you plan to pursue study that could lead to law school later?

It’s postgraduate.

Thanks for the law school ranking links.

It’s still not clear what u mean. Does this mean u already have a law degree?