Which of these two essays hsould I submit to Princeton?

<p>I wrote an essay responding the "Princeton in the service of all nations" prompt that was pretty mediocre, about my experiences with people that are ignorant about where I come from (Dominican Republic) and I tied it in with MUN. It's not terrible, I just feel that it is way too formal and does not represent me well. </p>

<p>I wrote a much better essay responding Brown's "Why do you want to go to college?" prompt, and I was wondering if I could use the last Princeton prompt and respond to that question. Would Princeton know I was just reusing it? Would they care if its a better essay?</p>

<p>Presuming that the quote that you pick as a starting point isn't "Why do you want to go to college?", you should be fine. Pick a good quote that relates to the essence of your essay (I picked one that made the same point as my essay); you may have to change the intro/conclusion a bit. Otherwise, I think the question is so open-ended that virtually any essay is suitable, <em>as long as you have a good quote for it.</em></p>

<p>Also they have no way of knowing which is the "better" essay because you can only submit one.</p>