Which one is a better choice? (Sophomore vs Junior)

Hello, mates :slight_smile:

I’ll be a liberal art college student on Sept.
I’m an international student, and 26 years old.

Here is my status and Could you guys give me some advice?

My high school GPA is terrible. (I haven't got the specific scores because I graduated Korean high school) I went to the U.K. to study A-level after the Korean high school, but I couldn't finish this course due to private issue. So, I do not have an official certificate about British education. (I'll mention about the reason on my essay) I have 107 TOEFL. a part-time job (This part-time job is related with the reason why I couldn't finish study in the U.K.) an internship (Market researching team in terms of real estate market) ran own business in terms of construction and real estate market Military service

I’ll definitely add other activities like volunteer and other internship before the apply.

Which transfer do you recommend with bad high school GPA? (sophomore/junior)
Is it really difficult to get admission as a sophomore although I’d get high college’s GPA?