Which one of these is the easiest MCB course?

<p>Out of Molecular and Cell Biology 11, 32, 41, 50, or 61....</p>

<p>MCB 11-Of Molecules and Man: A View for the Layman </p>

<p>MCB 32-Human Physiology </p>

<p>MCB 41-Genetics and Society </p>

<p>MCB 50- The Immune System and Disease </p>

<p>MCB 61- Brain, Mind and Behavior</p>


<p>Pick a Prof doesn't help because for some reason, none of the MCB course grades are given.</p>

<p>Anyone who has taken any of these classes...I'd appreciate your opinion on them. Thanks.</p>

<p>use thecampusbuddy then, or use ratemyprofessors</p>