Which one... Used or new books?

<p>I'm trying to reserve my books for the fall semester on the book store's website and I'm not sure if I should choose used or new books. I really would like to save some money and just choose used books, but I'm afraid the books might be in a good condition. </p>

<p>Does the store sell books even if they're written in? I mean I don't want a book that has another person's notes all over it. I don't mind the occasional mark here and there but, I still would like something that's in good condition. Also, if I get a used book could I sell it back to the book store? And if I wanted to sell it back to the book store, would they pay me exactly or really close to what I payed them for the book?</p>

<p>I almost always buy used, unless it's a small novel for a class. A lot of used books look new, and it's a great way to save money. For selling back to the bookstore, you probably won't get the best deal. A lot of people sell to other students, or go online. It gets you more money back, but there's a risk of fraud. I lost a $70 textbook because a girl claimed to Paypal that I never sent it. :( So you have to weigh the pros and cons.</p>

<p>Definitely opt for used. I was really adamant about buying all brand new textbooks from the bookstore my first semester, but I quickly realized what a mistake I had made. For the most part, I'd say that the used books at the bookstore are in good condition, though I'd expect some highlighting and markings. If you want to buy used books at the Book Center, I'd suggest picking them out yourself as opposed to reserving them because that way you can assess the condition yourself before purchasing them. Purchasing textbooks online is also a cost-efficient option.</p>

<p>Used books can be sold back, but you're not going to get anywhere near what you paid. I recommend selling them online.</p>

<p>If you get used from the bookstore, do you still get online access codes for "enhanced editions" or is that a no-go?</p>

<p>I've taken math classes with access codes, and you can buy them separately from the book, making used an option. But to be sure, you'd have to ask your professor.</p>

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<p>I use Amazon/Half and buy all my books used.</p>

<p>Put it this way: at the end of the semester if you sell your books, they are going to be used no matter what, so why not opt for the cheaper book in the first place?</p>

<p>You can get them for cheaper online and the resale value is much better, relatively speaking.</p>