Which one would an ivy league prefer?

Hi guys. I’m preparing for 2016, and I am such an indecisive person, which is a really bad quality. I wanted to do a bunch of things, but was able to narrow down to two things next summer, but I am having a hard time choosing. I know this sounds crazy, but I hope to raise some money to go to Peru to intern. I would only pay around 600 for the total trip, airfare and everything else included. This non profit organizations is running due to its year round volunteers/interns. It is a animal sanctuary in the Amazon, and I am not taking jobs away. Plus, they could use some of my skills, especially since I am really good at photography ! However, I also want to work at either at a local franchise, like Jamba Juice. I know this is really sad to say, but I am worrying about my college application. Which one would look better for an ivy league (only simply based on this and not on my grades), an intern at the animal sanctuary, or a Jamba Juice employee? Plus, this money will be used to help my family especially my grandparents ( who live in Mexico, I’m Hispanic) who really need the financial support, my parent’s make less than 55,000 dollars and a lot goes out to help them. Please no negative comments, I just want you all to be happy : ) thanks!!

It depends what you make out of either experience. If you really want to intern in Peru, then do it, but if you choose to pursue that just to pad your resume and not because you’re truly interested in it, colleges will likely be able to tell. And the Ivy’s all look for different things, because they are all drastically different, so asking what they would collectively prefer is a question that is impossible to answer. Choose whichever you want to do more.

Agh, thank you. I want to do it because I truly love to go and experience it since I’ve always wanted to travel, but I am afraid that colleges will think that I went on one of those “people to people programs” for rich kids, or that this isn’t really an extra curricular, thank you! : D

Can I send you my current resume? I need help, I feel as if I have to many activities on it :frowning: and need to tone down a lot!! :frowning:

Then go :slight_smile: I’m sure it’ll be a great experience.

And sure you can.