Which one would you pick......Clemson, Appalachian State, or James Madison?

All three acceptances. Business/Marketing/Advertising major.

Love them all equally.

Weather in App State is really cold, but they have best major combination.
LOVE Clemson overall, but highest tuition.
LOVE James Madison, but not above the rest.

What are your thoughts on choosing one over the others? Thanks in advance.

I would probably go with the lowest cost. Sounds like all are winners if they are affordable.

Didn’t you say that you were a Hofstra alum on another thread???

least expensive would be my choice, barring some other circumstance you haven’t mentioned.

You said you were a Hofstra alum on another thread? Why are you deciding between these three schools now?

Never said I was the one attending…

Would love to hear from people who have specific ideas about any of these schools. Thanks!

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How big are the cost differences?

For business/marketing, I would try to see what schools have the best # and range of companies that recruit on campus. If costs are similar I would suggest Clemson > jmu> app state

Here is my reasoning- Clemson has name recognition nationally and is also arguably the best school in the state. It would give you a good shot at local companies (in Columbia, Charleston, etc) and a good pathway to Atlanta, etc.

JMU has a good reputation for business and is one of the best schools in its own state but not the best in terms of academic reputation. Appalachian State is also a good school but may get crowded out in NC with all the competition from other schools in local hiring.

I think that Clemson would lead to more/better internships and connections. Clemson also has the best colors and mascot out of the schools listed.


Clemson, if it’s affordable.