Which one..?

<p>Okay, I'm going to major in something business related. (I'm thinking marketing) My problem is..</p>

<p>Should I choose UGA or Georgia Tech? </p>

<p>I haven't visited UGA yet, but I've visited GA Tech and I actually really liked it. I don't particularly enjoy math (I can do it, of course, but I don't enjoy the thought of loads of it). Tech seems to really push the math, whereas UGA doesn't as much. And that's better for me. :D
However, I wonder which degree would be more "valuable". Honestly, the first thing I think of when I hear about GA Tech, I think science/engineering, not business. Would this extend into the job market or do employers like to see more math and know that you went through a more rigorous curriculum?</p>

<p>Thank y'all. :)</p>

<p>I don't see where Ga Tech offers a degree in marketing. I believe it would have to be Management with an emphasis in Marketing. UGA does have a Bachelors in Marketing. The Terry College of Business at UGA does have several highly ranked programs:
Current Rankings
Undergraduate Programs Ranking Source
Bachelor of Business Administration
28th U.S. News & World Report
Risk Management and Insurance
2nd U.S. News & World Report
Real Estate
4th U.S. News & World Report
Management Information Systems
12th U.S. News & World Report
6th Public Accounting Report
16th U.S. News & World Report </p>

<p>I think for business majors, UGA would be a better choice than Tech.</p>

<p>oops! sorry, I meant Management. Gee, and I can't edit my original post.. xD</p>

<p>Thank you for your response :)</p>

<p>Apparently UGA has a very good business school and if you applied for the CURO Scholarship, you could participate in an internship with something business related.</p>

<p>I haven't done any research on GA Tech's B-school, so I'm not sure of it's merits. I just know that UGA's business school is known throughout Georgia.</p>

<p>Plus UGA is more interesting! There is a huge social scene! I've heard soooooo many horrible things about GA Tech's social scene! The only good thing would be that it is in Atlanta!</p>

<p>Actually, both are interesting in different ways. UGA is moreso "interesting" in the stereotypical college town way. To me, normal isn't considered interesting. It's kind of weird that you define a very typical scene at a large U as "interesting", normally places like Berkeley, Ann Arbor, the very highly ranked engineering schools (Tech, MIT, Caltech), some Ivies, and LACs are considered interesting because of their unique atmosphere that is not related to partying/collegetown. I think the word/phrase you're looking for is "more fun". However, I think the Tech scene going on is actually kind of interesting in that it actually makes the campus/atmosphere more intellectually oriented and offers something out of the ordinary. Also, being in mid-town Atlanta is awesome!<br>
Tech is bound to be "less fun", it's a very rigorous engineering school. </p>

<p>Also, math in management: Everyone says the GPAs are high in the management school at Tech so the math component is not likely to be as intensive/overbearing as you imply (do not make assumptions about a completely unrelated program based upon the others which are in science/engineering. Management seems to be a completely separate entity). Also, Bloomberg ranks Tech 50 and UGA a little lower. I imagine the two are comparable. Go visit UGA's and see if you like it. You're trying to do business, naturally you're going to have do math, even at UGA's school. You'll seem to be implying that UGA's will be less rigorous b/c of a relative light emphasis on math, you'll probably end up surprised. Coolpg's point has some resonance as Tech's atmosphere certainly is not for everybody, especially those that value the more stereotypical aspects of college social life. Tech will give you some of that with something that differs much from the norm. I still consider both UGA and it fun though.</p>