Which pair of CSE classes is more manageable?

<p>I am planning my Winter schedule and I was wondering which would be less stressful?</p>

<p>CSE 140/L with Gupta Rajesh and CSE 110 with Gillespie
CSE 100 with Burkhard and CSE 110 with Gillespie?</p>

<p>I took cse 110 with Prof. Gillespie last spring. It's pretty chill (2 hours/week) until the last 2 weeks when your team finally decides to implement the whole project. Expect to commit like 15+ hrs /week during those last 2 weeks. </p>

<p>CSE 140 L labs with Prof. Choon were particularly easier than other 140 L profs. So it would be wise to take it with him since his labs take 10 hrs/week as opposed to 16 hrs for other profs.</p>

<p>And cs 100 with burkhard was pretty easy. Do the assignments ahead of the time and the practice exams and you'll do well with less stress. Expect 3-5 hrs a week.</p>

<p>Short answer: CS100 and CS110 is the less stressful combo
Long Answer: CS 140L and CS110 is slightly more stressful and will provide more balance in workload for other quarters</p>