Which person would be selected.

Im comparing myself to someone similar and wondering whom you think Indiana University might select? Maybe both?

1st student: 3.5GPA, 25 ACT, no EC, and applying RD.

2nd student: 3.2GPA 24 ACT, 4sports, 1club, 200hrs community service. Applying ED.

Which do you think they would select?
Remember this is for Indiana University: )

<p>2nd. No EC is a big blow for 1st student. 2nd shows more variety and ED shows enthusiasm.</p>

<p>I agree, the 2nd.</p>

<p>2nd, neither gpa is extremely high and neither are the act scores. so the differences are small and insignificant. plus, 2nd is ed w/ a lot of ecs.</p>

<p>2nd is me, but im sure some of you figured it out. Where could I put it in there to show that im still able to maintain a B/A average despite my busy schedule? For instance my typical schedule would be 7:30-2:15 school, 2:15-5 Cross Country Practice, 5-6 Eat/Study 6-7 Leave for hockey, and get ready to go on ice. 7-9 Hockey practice. 9-11 Homework/Study.</p>

<p>I would say no explanation. the admissions officers don't need to be spoonfed details.</p>

<p>They'll figure it out when they see the ec's and look at the clock. Give them a little credit for common sense. A regular, non-spectacular schedule like that is nothing that adds to your app. Almost every varsity athlete , dancer, or cheerleader at D's school has that same schedule . I'm sure 1/2 or more of the students on this board have it ,too.</p>

<p>BTW I agree, student 2 has an edge.</p>

<p>PR gave the admissions selectivity rating a 68. Does that mean it's really easy to get in? I've never seen one so low before.</p>

<p>Both would get in.</p>

<p>There are so many factors missing that would help to really make an objective decision:</p>

School Profile-which would determine the academic rigor, if student has truly taken advantage of what has been given to him/her. Where the school has a history of sending students
First generation
Professional and educational evel of parents

<p>Most important what the adcoms are looking for to build a class (which changes year over year)</p>

<p>prolly both. 2nd is better.</p>

<p>I agree -- both would get in, but the 2nd is stronger.</p>

<p>If you can be recruited for one of your sports, there's no contest!</p>

<p>I'd need to see the transcripts to compare what courses they each took and how their GPA falls out in their core academic classes. I might be more impressed with the 3.2 GPA if they had mainly honors and AP classes than I would in the 3.5 GPA if it was based on "A's" in regular level classes and PE. I'd also want to see how many years of math, science, and language each student took.</p>

<p>Carolyn you hit it on the nose see my post on the who would get in. Somwhere else on this section of CC. A lower gpa and SAT doesn't mean the person with the higher gpa and SAT will get in over you.</p>

<p>If you have shown strong commitmment to E.C's, taken a tougher courseload, done well in the tough courses, and truly been a well rounded all around person chances are that you would get in over someone with a higher gpa and highers SAT's. The game isn't numbers. Well at some very very large places it is but at smaller private colleges the person sometimes is so great that they shine through the numbers.</p>