Which practice tests were in bluebook number 1 that weren't in the 2nd one?

<p>I finished bluebook number 2 and i found my brother's old blue book number 1. which practice tests are in this book that weren't in the 2nd one? thanks</p>

<p>bump 10 char</p>

<p>Test #1 in BB1 didn't reappear.</p>

<p>is that the only one?</p>


<p>Yeah, 7 of the 8 reappear in the new edition, so only one is different</p>

<p>wow. are all of the tests on the online class new at least?</p>

<p>Yeah the online course tests are all brand new and different. 3 of them were previously administered and never released publicly so you get the exact score when you finish them instead of the ranges. I feel like the online course is worth it since you get 10 official tests for 6$ each and those are the absolute best items you can use to study for the SAT.
Oh, and the online course contains a bunch of "quizzes" on a bunch of different SAT topics. All worth it,</p>