Which prep book has the best practice tests?

<p>I'd like to get more practice tests than the ones the BB has, but I'm stumped as to which prep book is the best for practice tests. They all seem similar when skimming at the bookstore....</p>

<p>So, in your opinion, which prep book has the best practice tests? (ex. 11 PR, 12 Kaplan)</p>

<p>Ive heard PR is the best option-and I took a look at it, the writing and math sections are comparable...
Have you thought about the online course-which comes with either 10 or 9 different tests? But it is like 60 dollars, so Im not sure if you want to spend that much on it</p>

<p>I've heard that too, but I've also heard that the math sections are really hard compared to the real thing...... :/
60 dollars O___O I'd rather spend that on 2~3 books - that way you can resell what you bought, hehe</p>