Which prep book to get? So confused!

<p>Sorry, this is going to sound so scattered but I want some input. I took my SAT in March without studying or practicing and did bad, 1590, then I took it in June and without studying or practice (too busy studying for AP's!) and got a 1730. Over the summer I actually plan to study and improve, so which books should I get? </p>

<p>I only have one book so far. It's the College Board BB from like 2009 or 2008 but I heard there is a new edition (2nd edition), should I get that? </p>

<p>My brother bought Princeton Review Crackin the SAT a year back but never used it, is this useful? </p>

<p>I really need to get my math and CR up. I've heard Grubers and PR is good for math but which ones? Grubers 2400 or Grubers for math?</p>

<p>The regular Gruber's book does a good job covering most if not all the Math topics tested on the SAT, but i've heard that the CR and W sections of the book are completely useless. The Gruber's math workbook is, in my opinion, the same as the math section of the regular Gruber's book.</p>

<p>For writing Rocket Review is good.
Also check out this link:SAT:</a> Improve SAT Score with SparkNotes: The Seven Deadly Screw-Ups .
It covers the types of errors tested on the SAT. Silverturtle is also releasing a guide on these forums soon which has a superb writing section.</p>

<p>For Critical Reading practice and Rocket Review will help boost your score. For vocabulary buy Direct Hits volumes 1 &2. </p>

<p>The first edition of the blue book is still very useful. Most of the tests in the 1st edition are the same as the ones in the 2nd edition of the blue book.</p>

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<p>Thanks, anyone else have some input? This good be really useful for a lot of us new CCers looking for prep books.</p>