Which research to choose?

<p>So I e-mailed some professors in the beginning of the semester, and two of them told me I could work with them this semester and see if I like it. I have to make my decision now, and I can't pick which one. </p>

<p>The first one was the one that took me immediately, gave me an overview of her studies, and said she likes to let undergrads do more than just lab running. She said even though her lab is extremely competitive to get into, she would let me in, and invited me to the lab holiday party. However, she has been rather unorganized (hasn't really made me do every thing she said she would) and the topic does not interest me too much.</p>

<p>The second one said they had no space and encouraged me to apply next semester. However, a few weeks ago, they offered to let me join, and they had me start running lab sessions immediately. He also gave me a copy of his book to read as background. They haven't really given me an overview of the whole thing yet (so I have been kinda in the dark when it comes to what I'm actually running) - but this topic interests me more.</p>

<p>How should I go about choosing one? (thanks for reading!)</p>

<p>If you have not started yet, or made a commitment to the first lab, choose the more interesting project.</p>

<p>Definitely the second one.</p>

<p>Are they both paid?</p>

<p>No, they are both unpaid, and will be mostly grunt work seeing as I’m a freshman. I’ll get units from next semester though? I think?</p>

<p>Thanks guys! I’ll go with the second then. I was leaning towards the second as well, but was feeling bad about rejecting the first when she was helping me out so much/was so nice (and I’ll be going to their party after I reject the offer since I committed a while ago…so that’ll be awkward haha)</p>