Which Residence Hall is best for freshman?

<p>which one's the best for freshman</p>

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<p>it's from a couple years back but there's some pretty detailed descriptions.</p>

<p>Hi s21, freshmen may live at Santa Catalina Residence Hall (previously Francisco Torres), one of the Channel Island five RH's (Anacapa, San Miguel, San Nic, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz), or in Manzanita Village. It all depends on what suits you: freshmen who live in Santa Catalina will find it far, as it's not on the main campus. Most bike, or take the bus, and some bring their cars for the commute.</p>

<p>With the Channel Island 5, you are close to campus (UCEN, music building, lecture halls), and you have DLG and Ortega Dining Commons conveniently situated nearby.</p>

<p>Manzanita Village tends to be for continuing students rather than freshmen. That being said, it is located near Carrillo Dining Commons, has the most spacious rooms (incl. co-ed bathrooms), and is across the street from Isla Vista.</p>

<p>Hope this helps!</p>

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<p>If you want a typical freshman dorm experience try to live in San Miguel. Although all the dorms are social Manzanita Village tends to be more quiet but if that's what your looking for then go for that. I live in Santa Catalina (Francisco Torres) and it's a commute to campus but i love it here. It's not that bad at all. All the bad comments about it come from people who don't live here and really don't know how it is. We have our own pool as well as basketball and tennis courts. Most people here use a bike so you could stay in shape biking to school. If you have a car it's VERY convenient since parking is right outside. In the summer I lived on campus in San Miguel and this school year I'm here in Santa Catalina and i loved both. I have friends who live in the other resident halls and they love it there too so don't worry no matter where you end up your going to be fine.</p>

<p>thanks for the info</p>

<p>im thinking Santa Catalina
ive heard many good things about it</p>

<p>about the partying in UCSB. i like to party whenever i m not busy and when i have time, but is there a lot of partying in the dorms or is it mostly in IV? cuz i dont wanna be too distracted, but i still want a social/normal dorm.</p>

<p>RAs in the dorms write up any alcohol and/or drug violations, so partying is usually in I.V. The dorms have noise restrictions, too--in particular during Dead Week and Finals Week.</p>

<p>The Residence Hall Association (RHA) works hard to facilitate freshmen events, so socializing with floor- and hall- mates shouldn't be a problem.</p>

<p>I'm definitely going to request Francisco Torres :D.</p>

<p>^^ see you all at santa catalina (or FT) next year!! yay go gauchos!!</p>

<p>Yea boi! Cya there.</p>