Which Residence?

<p>Hey guys! Which residence should I apply for as a first year student? Victoria halls sounds like the best choice for 1st year students but we have to share the washrooms and such. Ban Righ and Leggett hall also sound interesting.... Any opinions? Advantages? Disadvantages?</p>

<p>When I toured Queen's, Victoria Hall just seemed like the quintessential college dorm rooms, it had a nice vibe.</p>

<p>Have you done the online 3D tour of the dorms?</p>

<p>Leggett and Watts look amazinggg :D I hope I get one!</p>

<p>how do you find out your student # in order to start your residence application?</p>

<p>Have you all seen this website? </p>

<p>Residence</a> Life ? Queen's University Guide</p>

<p>The dorms won't be open when we tour this month. Could you share the link to the 3-d res tour? I can't find it.</p>


<p>Queen's</a> University Residences — Virtual Tour</p>

<p>Took two seconds.</p>

<p>Hey guys, Watts/Leggett are the newest and have the best facilities, close to dining halls, etc. However, I would go with Vic Hall - the shared bathrooms are not that huge of an issue because they are cleaned very frequently. Vic Hall has the best atmosphere, mix of students - the only downside is the fire alarms that always get pulled in September. Stay away from Jean Royce - although students on West Campus build a close knit community, the bus schedule sucks here, the walk is horrible in the winter, and you'll just end up behind from skipping all your classes.</p>