which SAT II scores should I send?

<p>Hi, I'm going to be a senior in the fall, and I was wondering which scores should I send for colleges that use score choice. Unfortunately, I have a huge range in my SAT subject scores.</p>

<p>June 2009
World History - 630</p>

<p>January 2010
English - 780
Math 1 - 710</p>

<p>June 2010
Math 2 - 800
Chemisry 740</p>

<p>I don't know which scores I should send. I'm applying to some top colleges here. Also, do you think I should retake any subject tests for colleges that don't allow score choice? Thanks for any replies!</p>

<p>math 2, chem, english. The choices seem pretty obvious</p>

<p>Sorry if it seems like a silly question. I just wasn't sure whether chem was good enough or if I should only submit two. Thanks for replying.</p>

<p>If you submit chem, writing, and math, I think you'll have most of your bases covered. If you think you can score better on chem and have nothing better to do on a saturday morning, retake it, but don't worry too much because your score is already pretty good.</p>

<p>What did you do to study for math II and chem?</p>

<p>Chem - I took AP Chem junior year, which made the SAT II much easier to take. I also took a couple of practice tests in the Barrons book for SAT II Chem.</p>

<p>Math II - I just finished Algebra 2/Trig in junior year, and a lot of the test was on these topics. I also used two practice books: the blue Official College Board book for the SAT II maths & the Princeton Review book for SAT II maths. The books really helped in some of the topics I hadn't done in school yet or was rusty on.</p>

<p>Hope that helped!</p>

<p>Math 2 and English definitely. I'd send chemistry also.</p>