Which SAT IIs to retake?

<p>In October, I took Writing (750), Lit (720), and Math IC (700). </p>

<p>I'm taking the SAT IIs again tomorrow, and want to know which tests I should take. Should I retake Writing and Lit? I know that I need to retake math.. but do you think that I'd be better off with IC again or IIC? Also, is it possible to cram for the Chemistry subject test in a night? </p>

<p>If it makes a difference, I'm applying to: Williams (ED), Wheaton (IL), Colgate, Hamilton, Washington & Lee, and Union.</p>

<p>Take the ones you think you can improve the most. I'd leave the Writing alone and focus on the others if you're really set on retaking some. However, I think it would be fine to leave those three alone. Take practice tests for IC and IIC and see how you do. If you've taken pre-calc, I'd recommend IIC. </p>

<p>And yes, if you've had a good chemistry class, you can cram for the exam in one night.</p>