which sat ii's to send

<p>i have 780 math ii/720 math i/710 bio. should i send all or not the math i (cause i already have math ii) or not the bio? </p>

<p>plz help!!!!</p>

<p>you don’t need to send math i, I don’t see the point. You should send math ii and bio!</p>

<p>Thanks rainbow!</p>

<p>also if anyone can help me with this id appreciate it. I signed up for November but I’m not going to take it and want to send my previous scores now. If I just allow the November scores to be checked will my other scores start to be sent now or will they wait until the other ones are released (even though im not gonna take Nov)?</p>

<p>cause i need them to be sent for ea (i realize im late lol)</p>