Which SAT IIs to take?

<p>I am applying to brown, johns hopkins, georgetown, washinton u-st.louis, rice, and dartmouth. None of these colleges specifically say which SAT IIs to take other than writing. I am planning on majoring in Political science and economics so is it ok to take something like US history in place of a science. My other SAT IIs will include writing and math ic. Thank you in advance.</p>

<p>sure, us history is fine as long as u do awesome on it.. that test is a pain in the ass.. there is so much stuff to know. science is probably easier to get really high on for somebody science oriented. - my 2 cents</p>

<p>I would do us hist and IIC
u should do IIC if ur applying to those
also, if u can try a language - prolly better than us hist
have u taken apush? then u should have enough knowledge (STILL STUDY)
hope i see u there (im applying to dartmouth, wash u, and rice also)</p>