which SAT Princeton will accept?

<p>Hi guys, I am a junior now (class of 2006), who has a very decent old SAT score. I don't want to take the new SAT. Does Princeton accept old SAT from class of 2006? Does Princeton required any SAT II's? If so, what subjects should I take?</p>

<p>they will accept the old one. they don't specify which sat 2's but if you want to do engineering i think they "strongly encourage" a math and a science.</p>

<p>I was just at an on campus session and the admissions officer was quite explicit on this. He said Princeton will require the new SAT for the class of 2006 plus three SAT IIs. It sounded quite onerous so I asked him again after the session if this is what he meant and he said yes, and that one of the SAT IIs could NOT be writing. He also said that while Princeton will take the highest SAT scores they had not yet decided if they would accept old scores for this purpose at all. It was quite depressing as I have strong old test scores that I was planning to use. A real bummer.</p>

<p>starbucksguy, are you sure what you said is true?</p>

<p>I visited Princeton this summer, the admission office told me they will accept both old and new SAT's. When do they change this promise?</p>

<p>If this is true, I will be very very upset!</p>

<p>I don't think the College Board is continuing the Writing Test after next year, but I may be wrong</p>

<p>No you're right. Next january will be the last writing test.</p>

<p>Please, gusy; can anybody give me more informations on these?</p>

<p>1) You have to take the new SAT, I believe, because they won't offer the required SAT II Writing test anymore.
2) Take subject tests (P-ton requires 3) that you will do well in/that pertain to your intended major. (These should probably coincide anyway.) For instance, I'll probably major in history, so I took a World History one. The 'don'ts' are pretty obvious:
-don't use both math levels as 2 of your 3
-don't use only foreign languages
-don't use a French test if you are a native French speaker, German if you are German, etc...(obviously)</p>

<p>-you get the gist.</p>

<p>can't he just take the SAT II writing in december or january and use that in combination with the old SAT? </p>

<p>I think you should just call them up and ask to get a reliable answer.</p>

<p>This is pretty reliable info. I was at Princeton two weeks ago. I was shocked by what the admissions officer said as I had earlier heard Princeton would accept the old test. It happened that I saw the admissons guy at lunch afterwards and went up to him and very specifically asked each question. He repeated - they will require the new test - "we have to start sometime." They still want three SAT IIs but will not count writing as that is part of the new SAT anyways. While they will count the highest SATs only but they have not yet decided if they will accept the old test scores at all, even if they are the highest scores. It is possible that this guy didn't know what he was saying but I was so specific with him that I know I am not wrong in repeating what he said. He may be wrong but this is quite clearly what he said. </p>

<p>I am hacked of about this. What an outrage, especially three SAT IIs on top of the new test. I was hoping to avoid the new SAT but I may get forced into it.</p>

<p>We always had to do 3 SAT II's...I don't know about 'outrage'--they just want to make sure the the people applying all have the same chance at getting good stats. If there is a disparity between the new/old test scores, it would be better to just accept one kind (which would have to be the new one) in order that everyone starts out on the same level.</p>

<p>well it'd be like them taking four SAT2's since the writing's kind of included in the new SAT</p>

<p>that's true, but the test's still close to the same length and they don't have analogies, which are most people's downfall in verbal...plus, it doesn't take much to sit for a 1 hour test, esp. one like lit. which requires no study..</p>