Which SAT scores to submit?

Hello CC,

I have a SAT score dilemma of which scores to submit. I took the old SAT twice and I superscored to a 2100, and I took the New SAT once and got a 1430. When I looked at the comparison of the two scores, I see 2100 ranked a little higher than the 1430. On one hand I want to send the 2100 because it is a slightly better score, but I achieved almost the same caliber by doing the New SAT once. I am not sure which one to submit: Old SAT (superscored) or New SAT (not superscored)? I am not aiming for anything Ivy-League level.

Thank you.

Have you checked that the schools you are applying to actually superscore? If so, they might not care much that you took the old SAT twice, and will just consider the 2100, which could be the equivalent of as much as 1470.

If they don’t superscore, but allow Score Choice, it’s possible that it’s just as well to send the 1430 alone. Your overall two old SATs might not be much better than that, and you’ll be showing only one test date.

I do wonder if there is a very slight advantage to going with the newer test in general. Obviously, this year many people will still be sending the old test, but maybe when it’s a coin flip it’s better to go with the new one.

All schools have different procedures on how (and if) they compare the Old and New SATs. Just send both scores and let the school figure it out.