Which SAT Subject tests should i take or are an option?

<p>Hi im applying to rice as a sports management major and i wanted to know which test i should take. THey require two that are related to my major (sports management which i guess is like business) and i kinda wanted to stay away from english... any suggestions? and would it look bad if i took the korean one when i am korean?</p>

<p>To answer your last question first, yes it would look bad to take Korean if that was your first language. It may be worth taking it if you know you can get a 800, but make sure you have two additional tests too. If I were you I would take a math (preferably level 2) and either a science or history. Which classes have you taken? If you’re someone who is in AP Bio/Chem then just go with those subject tests. Love APUSH? Then take, the USH SAT.</p>

<p>History and math definitely</p>

<p>Yes, since you are korean, you would need to take 2 additional tests if you took KOREAN SAT II. they don’t really count that as a test. math level 2 is definitely preferred.
now describe to me, what the heck is sports management?</p>