Which SAT Subject Tests should I take?

Hey! What are the best SAT Subject Tests to take if I want to do a CS major in really selective schools.

The ones i researched say that they require only 2 subject SATS. Should doing Math Level II and Physics be enough, or should I put in Chemistry into the mix to so i could stand out than the rest who do only 2 subject SATS?

If and when schools go back to recommending Subject Tests, M2 and Physics is fine. Taking 3 to get 2 strong scores is fine, but sending 3 vs 2 will not improve chances.

More than “only 2“ subjects tests won’t do much, if anything. Schools that recommend them typically recommend 2.

Physics is fine. Most technology programs say math and a science, a handful say math and either Chem or Physics and I’ve seen one that says (iirc) “preferably Physics” for engineering majors. Math 2 is better than Math 1.