Which SAT2 To take and when in October or November?

<p>My daughter is a straight A Junior who took AP American history, AP calculus AB, honors English honors Spanish and honors physics this year. However her SAT 2 scores are not great. She just took the american history in june and her score came out today a 680. She has a math2 of 740 and a bio of 640. She is going to have to take either one or two more. I am thinking since she is taking AP chemn she should take chem and possibly physics. She will also have to retake her SAT to get her reading comp up. THose scores are math 740 writing 740 English 650. Should she take the SAT 2 in October or November? I was thinking November, and the SAT in October. </p>

<p>Any advice which SAT 2? Should she retake US History? How is the chem? Is it a good idea to take physics?</p>

<p>Math II she should definitely consider, since the information is kind of hard to forget and you can only get better over time (if you stay in school). I'm not sure she should take physics after only tkaing honors physics. It may not have been in-depth enough for the SAT II.</p>