Which SATII to take...

<p>I'm planned to take 3 SATII on Nov 6th (Korean, Math IC, Math IIC).
I'm currently in precal (trig) but so far I've had no trouble in every math what so ever. And have got 100 in every class without studying much. What I decided to was to take both IC and IIC. Then cancel what ever score that I think might be lower. But recently I found out that I can take the ELPT. Which I qualify because I was in ESL for 3 years. </p>

<p>I need help on deciding whether to take...</p>

<li>ELPT and drop one of Math IC or IIC </li>
<li>both Math IC and IIC</li>

<p>Thanks for any response and the deadline for changing is today 8.45 EST so plz write me a quick response.</p>

<p>you can't just cancel one score. if you decide to cancel, you MUST cancel ALL the SATs on that date. That pretty much screws your plan right there.</p>

<p>Instead, take MAthIIc (you have quite a bit of material to cover still), and Korean. I'm not sure if you can take the ELPT along with the SATIIs. If you can't, just take the MAthIIc and Korean. If you can, take all three together.</p>

<p>That's true, if you cancel your score for one, it'll cancel all scores you take that day; just thought you should know before Nov 6</p>