Which SATIIs should I take?

<p>I'm just wondering which 3 SATIIs people recommend to take. I'm assuming I should take the writing one, since that seems to be standard and I should do pretty well. Then I'll probably take a math, maybe the IIC one. I think I should have had enough math for that. So the writing and math seem like pretty easy decisions, but then I have one more and I don't know what to do. I'm thinking maybe the literature one, but I don't really read that much so is it going to be really hard then? Other than that, I think a science one would be the best bet- probably a biology one. Which biology one is the easier one to do? I thought about chemistry as I'm in my second year of it, however it seems like there's a lot of memorization type stuff that I probably don't know! Hopefully someone can give me some insight on this, because I'd like to decide soon since I want time to study for the December test date! Thanks-</p>

<p>Get the Real SAT II's and try a couple of tests to see what you do the best in. Also, check your individual schools and see if some want a science score - some make a distinction by major or school. Some tech schools want a specific science (usually Chemistry or Physics).</p>

<p>I agree w/ ohio_mom. I used the book to see if i should take history or spanish</p>

<p>Okay, I ordered the Real SAT II book. I went through the sample questions that College Board has on their website and I've basically ruled out the literature one. But what about the Biology one? Do people think its a hard one, or should it be pretty easy if you have a good knowledge base (and what is the curve like)? As per the math one, I think I should probably take the IIc. What degree of hardness does that one go to though? I think I should be fairly prepared (in our school, I've had geometry, Alg. 2 and 3, and I took a college statistics class). How does the math IIc compare to some of the ACT questions. I got a 33 on the math ACT part, although those were all dumb mistakes, so I really have no problem with that.... If someone can answer some of these questions that would be great... and then when I get the book I suppose I'll be able to really see what I should take.</p>

<p>I have a question. IF i want to go to a UC school and am taking the new SAT w/ essay, how many SAT 2s do i need?</p>

<p>I believe two sat ii's, including math iic, since ic is discontinued by then</p>